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Advantages of Studying at Lincoln University College

The programs under faculty of dentistry with Lincoln University College, Malaysia prepares dental graduates to practice general dentistry independently and instils in them a desire to continue learning throughout their careers.


Experts and board qualified dental professionals make up the teaching team, covering a wide range of dental specialties.

The curriculum would expand the individual’s knowledge base and clinical skills, allowing them to offer comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages.

The individual’s ability to make informed decisions about care modalities will be honed by guided clinical interactions.


In addition, when serving as the patient’s oral healthcare coordinator, the individual would have the ability to communicate with other health-care practitioners.

Experience in recognised dental specialties as well as relevant medical facilities are included in the training.

Courses Running Under Faculty of Engineering

Undergraduate Programs


The undergraduate program of dentistry with Lincoln University College is cutting-edge and evolving all the time, representing the insights of our brilliant professors and their vision for educating tomorrow’s oral health care leaders. The curriculum emphasizes the scientific, academic, interpersonal communication, and practice management skills that graduates would need in a rapidly evolving field. The program is intended to produce professional general dentists who are ethical, compassionate, loving, experienced, and trained. We are currently offering the following program through this faculty:

1. Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Doctor of Dental Surgery is a 5-year programme. The curriculum is designed to fulfil the five major components of dental education, namely:
-Preclinical dentistry.
-Clinical dentistry.
-Hospital based dentistry.
-Community/Society based dentistry.
-Life-long learning experience through research exercise

This program is conducted in two stages:

Preclinical Phase – A two-year program, which covers Medical Science courses (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Dental Courses (Professional Development and IT, Oral Biology, Society and Health, Preventive Dentistry, Dental Public Health, Dental Materials and Dental Technology). The latter is designed to help the students learn about the technical aspects of the dental program. Assessments take place in every semester along with yearly professional examinations.

Clinical Phase – This phase covers the next three years of study. In this phase, integrated teaching and learning process is undertaken to expose the students to dental clinical work and it also helps them to learn about community dentistry. This program offers the students with the opportunity to enhance their critical thinking skills and acquire knowledge about a particular discipline of dentistry through research exercise, which is of interest to them. It includes subjects, such as Preventive Dentistry and Dental Public Health, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Conservative Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Periodontology, Orthodontics, Paediatric Dentistry, Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine, Dental Imaging, Endodontics and Dental Research. Students of this program will also be exposed to medical subjects namely, General Medicine and General Surgery for better treatment of patients with chronic illness, who may require special needs as far as dental treatment is concerned.

Minimum Duration: 60 Months
Maximum Duration: 60 Months


Postgraduate Programs


This faculty’s postgraduate program at Lincoln University College is designed to prepare dentists for positions of leadership in education, science, and program administration that complement their clinical expertise. The program’s mission is to develop dentists with comprehensive experience, qualifications, and high-level skills. By learning and researching clinical practice or dental public health, including studies to build information that will help people, students should be able to apply their knowledge to treat patients with advanced technology. These skills and expertise must be focused on professional integrity and a code of ethics. Presently, this faculty is offering the following program with great success:

1. Master of Science in Dentistry

The Master of Science in Dentistry under the Faculty of Dentistry is designed to provide the students the basic education needed to become a dental practitioner while introducing a unique course education system and to promote the development of a new academic discipline for dental medicine as a leader of oral health science. The student will get hands on working experience to get knowledge on their preferred area of choice. After completing the program, they may specialize within a particular area of dentistry for example orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, periodontics, or prosthodontics programs for research at a Doctorate level. Current employment trends reveal a growing need for qualified dental professionals in response to a rising demand for dental services. Dentistry provides a rewarding and diverse career path and is a health profession concerned with caring for people of all ages. The students can pursue public sector dental health, hospital dental clinics, international health care and the research industry.

Full Time Duration: 24 Months
Part Time Duration: 48 Months

Vision & Mission


To pursue academic excellence and to provide high-grade undergraduate and postgraduate dentistry education and training to enhance health by enhancing oral health on a national and international scale.


• To serve the region by generating, disseminating, and preserving information.

• To prepare students to work as orofacial health care practitioners who are well-trained.

• To enhance public health by concentrating outreach efforts on minority and underserved populations.

• To encourage a culture of mutual respect, objectivity, creative questioning, and free exchange of ideas through lifelong learning.

Objectives & Goals

The curriculum is designed to help individuals gain trust and expertise in practicing all aspects of general dentistry. The programs under faculty of dentistry provide:

a comprehensive understanding of biological sciences that will enable them to be incorporated and correlated with clinical dental practice.

understanding of the relationship between general and oral diseases; expertise in diagnosing oral and dental diseases, including an understanding of the relationship between general and oral diseases.

In general, dental practice, clinical skills to provide preventive and curative care for patients are needed.

the ability to properly organize and operate a dental practice


the ability to analyse and adapt emerging technologies and scientific evidence to their clinical practice.


a devotion to continuing education.

a sense of national, legal, and professional obligation.

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